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Power System Studies

GERS has a wide experience in performing Power System Studies, including the analysis of power exchange among different countries, modeling and analysis of national and big complexes networks, connection studies, short circuit calculations, and transient behavior and power system control to achieve optimal operating conditions.

A vital complement of power systems quality analysis are the power quality measurements and analysis, taking into account the growing demanding standards of quality service that utilities have to guarantee.

The Power Systems studies fields on which the company works are the following:

  • Load flow and short circuit analysis
  • Power factor control
  • Protection coordination and setting calculation
  • Relay parameterization
  • Capacitor location and voltage regulation
  • Contingency analysis
  • Planning studies
  • Transient stability
  • Small signal stability
  • Voltage stability
  • Motor starting
  • Feasibility and economical evaluation
  • Measurement and analysis if transients
  • Reliability analysis
  • Arc flash hazard
  • Harmonic measurement analysis
  • Filter design
  • Grounding systems
  • Rational use of energy and consumption
  • Investment analysis
  • Analysis of revenue metering systems