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Power System Application And Tool Support

Perform the migration of the electrical data corresponding to the Miami Downtown Network from the existing information in NEPLAN to Synergee. USA

Arc  Flash And Coordination Studies At Baker’s Bay Bahamas

Short Circuit, Arc Flash and Coordination Studies at Baker’s Bay Bahamas

Generator / Transformer Protection

Generator/Transformer Protection Setting Calculation.

Naptin Power Loss Reduction Technologies

Reduce losses, Improve EDC revenue performance, Execute knowledge transfer, Demonstrate potential for other 10 EDCs, Maximize benefits from USTDA dollars.

Leesburg 13 kV Distribution Coordination

Coordination Study for 13 kV distribution feeders L-61, L-62 and L-63.  The work included optimal settings for relays, reclosers, VFI and development of tables for fuse-fuse coordination, relay-fuse coordination and recloser-fuse coordination.

 Plant Hypoclorite Chemical Plant Conve / Ant 

Conceptual and detailed design for the installation of a 23kV substation. Review engineering drawings and technical specifications of the 23 kV switchgear.  Design of the grounding system and shielding protection against lightning. Witnessing the Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) of the 23kV Metal Clad Switchgear at the AREVA facilities in Tizayuca, México. Protective device coordination study. Grounding inspection.

San Nicolas Sugar Mill Ips Consultants

Conceptual Engineering study for San Nicolas sugar mill plant in including: Determination of Layout and Equipment requirements Preparation of bid documents Proposal evaluation  Installation follow up until completion

New Hope Power Plant

Conceptual Engineering for connection of New Hope Power Plant to Okeelanta Sugar Mill.  (Extension of the 132 /13.8 kV system)

Engineering And Design Service

Engineering and design services for standby generator installation at Winn-Dixie

Testing and Commissioning for SEL 700g Generator Protective Devices

Testing and commissioning for the SEL 700G Generator protective devices associates to four Westinghouse W301 and Pratt & Whitney FT4s turbine-generation units.

Testing and Commissioning for SEL 700g Generator Protective Devices

Developing of appropriate protective device setting to achieve suitably equipment protection and system coordination

Testing and Commissioning – 72 MW gas Power Plant

Testing and commissioning works of electrical protective systems to be installed at the Gas Power Plant in Alexandria

Permian Electrical Distribution System Inventory Project

Provide Oxy with the Field Services to carry out an Electrical Distribution System Inventory and develop a comprehensive GIS model of the electrical infrastructure including active wells, substations, Satellites/Batteries and Recovery Plants of the of the Permian Basin operations located in West Texas and Southeast New Mexico.

Escondida Water Supply (ews)

Testing and commissioning of medium and High voltage electrical equipment at EWS Minera Escondida  in Chile.  This Project is the biggest investment to increase the cooper production of Minera Escondida which is one of the largest open-pit mines in the world