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Training and OEM’s Support

GERS offers training services to customers willing to increase the knowledge of their personnel in specialized topics on which GERS engineers have a strong command. On the other hand, GERS supports manufacturers who require widening the local support in places not covered by them where GERS engineers can access more readily. The training services are split in the following two categories:

  • Power systems analysis
  • Transient small signal and voltage stability
  • Protection coordination
  • Generator synchronization
  • Power quality
  • Filter design
  • MV/HV substation design
  • Protection of electric machines
  • Distribution automation
  • SCADA & protocol handling

The engineers in charge of the courses have postgraduate degrees and very good experience in consulting activities, and are university lectures.



  • Application engineering of OEM’s
  • Customer attention
  • Troubleshooting
  • Equipment selection
  • Tailored courses on equipment application
  • Prototype testing
  • Function implementation with logic capabilities
  • Equipment repair
  • Relays and IED’s networking

GERS also accompanies manufactures in processes of multifunctional numeric relays certification as requested by some utilities. If it’s necessary implementation of specific functions is carried out by taking advantage of the logic capabilities of the corresponding numerical relays.